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About Me:Well i'm a teenager that is interested in becoming a lawyer and my mom said that people in my family aren't meant to be lawyers cause we come from the country not the city well i think that it shouldn't matter. My grandpa supports me in this and he was the one who sugestion getting into debate
Activities:Well i'm on the academic team at school I play volleyball and do Cheerleading.
Beliefs:I think that gay marriages should be legal. Racism should be illegal. those are my main things.
Books:anything about love or amish
Movies:idk i like alot mostly legaly blonde
Music:Country, Rap, and Hip hop
Quotes:don't really have one
Sports Teams:Patriots sooner lakers
TV Shows:drop dead diva
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Billings Sr. High, Class of 2016
Billings, Missouri, United States
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Drinking and driving ages being raised will not benefit society.


Argument: Priviledges must be introduced gradually into the youth in a supportive setting as opposed to setting everyone free at a certain age. Drinking age: When something is forbidden and made to appear as though it is dangerous and off limits, it is the natural reaction of a teenager to engage in said forbidden activity due to it's appearance of risk taking. When alcohol is gradually introduced under responsible supervision such as pertains in Europe (where drinking age is 16 for beer+w...

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The United States Should Legalize Marijuana.


The resolution: The United States Should Legalize Marijuana for Public Consumption. This means for non-medical use as well as medical. Marijuana (cannabis): Please use the first round to accept the terms. You have 72 hrs to argue after you accept the challenge....

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Being able to drink at 18


I think an 18 year old should be able to legally drink because, at 18 you can legally smoke and you can join the military. A lot of teenagers drink anyways before 18 and even though it's illegal they still. Of course you can get kicked out of sports for drinking and it could cost you a scholarship, but if it's legal then teenagers can drink without feeling bad. At 18 a lot of people drive drunk so they don't have to call their parents/ guardian to come get them and so they won't get in trouble t...

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More underage clubs


I think there should be more underage clubs so teenagers can go and hang out and dance with friends without throwing a huge party, plus it's a good way to meet new people....

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People of different age groups be allowed to date if they truly care about each other.


People of any age group should be allowed to date, because if they truly care about each other then why should the not be able to be happy with someone. Like for instance lets say a girl was dating a guy 3 and a half years older then her but as soon as he turns 18 they have to break up. Yeah I know that it's an adult and a miner but seriously people don't make a 20 yr old and a 50 yr old break up if they are dating, why should people make a 18yr old and a 14 and a half yr old break up. It's so s...

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