Obama will not be our next President


Obama will not be our next President. I have three arguments for this stance on this debate. 1.RACE-Unfortunately America is not ready for a African American President. Racism is not far enough in our past yet. I am a Union member. Out of the twenty seven people I work with there are three Republicans, including myself. The "dems" I work with were split, twenty for Clinton, four for Obama. When Clinton lost the nomination twenty of the "Dems" said they would NOT vote for Obama. Race was the m...

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Sola Scriptura/Bible Alone?


Where in Scriptures does is say Scriptures are the only rule of Faith? Scriptures , Protestant 66 books of the Holy Bible. You choose version. Show Scriptural text supporting Sola Scriptura or Bible Only/Alone Sola Scriptura- Doctrine of most Protestant denominations. Doctrine states 66 Books of the Protestant Holy Bible are the only source for the precepts of the Christian Faith. NOT Debating whether 66 books of Protestant books of the Holy Bible are the ONLY written Word of God in the...

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