Police traffic details are a waste of tax payer money


Massachusetts police officers are crying as of late due to the Governors decision to no longer require Police Officers to perform construction details in certain areas. We are now able to use flagmen. A few days ago a group of police officers began to harass a flagman who was directing traffic. There were also police officers in civilian cars who would deliberately disobey the directions of the flagman in an attempt to cause an accident. Most people claim that we will not save money from switchi...

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Is the Doctrine of the Trinity a Scriptural Doctrine? Scriptures- Protestant 66 Book Holy Bible Version- KJV or NIV. Choose one and then stick with it. I will give the contender the choose of version. I will give Scriptural proof that the Doctrine of Trinity is a valid Doctrine. No straw men please. Waste of time and characters. Either version of Protestant 66 book Bible is reliable source for information is this debate....

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