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The Existence of a God or Gods is [Currently] Unknowable to Man


Basically: Flip a coin. My argument: All knowledge is derived from observations. There are no observations that prove or disprove the existence of God. Therefore, one cannot know whether God(s) exists/exist. Note: The argument is made on the assumption that the future may prove me wrong, but it nevertheless holds true to all that has been observed thus far. A definition of God is required and it is unfortunate that hardly anyone agrees on any set criteria. My own definition of God is...

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The Bishop of rome (pope) was not the sole authority or "final say" of the church.


the Bishop of Rome who is now days called the Pope was not the supreme vicar of Christ. He indeed was among equals to the other biships such as the bishop of constantinople, alexandria and antioch. I will use scripture and early church father teachings to support my opinion. I am in no way criticizing other faiths, this is just an interesting topic to me. I am approaching this debate from an eastern orthodox view. This is my first formal debates other then verbal debates with friends. This sh...

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Does God Exist?


First off, I would like to forwardly claim my position: I am arguing that, yes, a God does exist. But to make this debate most interesting, I will not clarify a specific type of God that I am defending. Rather, I will let my opponent rant on and on (like most atheist tend to do, assuming an atheist takes up this debate) of how the God they have come to hate and admonish, is making people stupid and ignorant and cannot possibly exist. Or if their are actual intellectuals out there...

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religion shouldn't be explicitly mentioned in the Constitution


"religion" is a term and an idea we grew up with. Amending the Constitution now will not make the term go away. Even if we were to step back in time and rewrite the Constitution (pretend we're at the Constitutional Convention), religion-inspired ideals pervade our having been there at the Convention, given that we had just drafted the Declaration of Independence with verbiage to the effect "endowed by our Creator" and such. The Founding Fathers were grasping with principles to form a new gover...

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There should be no underage sex law


Government should remove the age limit on sexual relations, but have some law as in, condoms MUST be used until so and so age. There should be no law on pleasure, ad everybody is doing nowadays anyway....

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