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Books:"The Perilous Fight" by Neil Swanson (1945); "Everyman's Talmud" by Rabbi Abraham Cohen; "War & Peace" by Leo Tolstoy; obviously, Torah - last because it's best!
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Quotes:"Love your neighbor as yourself, this is the whole of the Torah, the rest is commentary. Go forth and study." - Hillel
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why did the Baali Tosafot put the Rambam into Charem?


The schools of hermeneutics developed by the Tannaim exerted a strong influence upon how Rabbi Yechuda Ha'Nasi organized the 6 Orders of the Mishna. Hillel taught 7 rules, Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Yishmael developed competing systems of hermeneutics. Rabbi Yose HaGelili developed 39 rules of hermeneutics. Yet Rabbi Yosef Karo preferred reliance upon commentaries over the discipline of hermeneutics as the primary tool by which to interpret the Talmud. Why? The subtle change in direction of Jewis...

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Is The Motion Picture Industry is threatening to destroy culture and tradition of any country?


Nowadays the best and the easiest way to earn a lot of money while entertaining yourself is to film a movie. Since inventing cinema1 a lot of books have been screened,a lot of sceneries (WW) have been written, a lot of actors and film directors have become famous. Ratings of visiting cinemas and DVD-selling are extremely high. And the motion picture industry can become a reason for a country's culture and traditions' death. First, now the standard for all movies is art American film academy2...

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Eish HaMilchama


Why did HaShem send Moshe to Egypt? HaShem did not send Moshe to Egypt carrying only the cloths on his back and a staff. What did the plagues serve? To whom did the plagues attack? HaShem being an Eish Milchama as stated in the song of Moshe following the destruction of Par'o and his army in the Sea of Reeds. Clearly the Gods whom Par'o and the Egyptians worshipped, these Gods live distinct and separate from the God of Moshe who sent Moshe to Egypt to make war upon what? Answer: the Gods o...

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Was Jesus Christ the Son of God?


Judaism, I'd like to personally apologize for not being able to respond to your previous debate. I've read some of your debates, and I know that in the past, you have been treated very unkindly by Christians, and I apologize for that. I hope you can give me another chance. I respect your beliefs and hope that I can be considerate and polite in sharing my faith. However, in the heat of the moment, I often tend to get very passionate and my sharp words have caused hurt feelings in the past. I'd li...

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Is "eternal security" Biblical?


Eternal security, or once saved, always saved is the religious doctrine that once you are saved by Yeshua, you are always saved. Yeshua is the Hebrew Name for Jesus and the word for Salvation, and is what I prefer to call Him. Since I am taking the positive position, I bear the burden of proof gladly....

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