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About Me:I'm a Jesus Freak. I don't judge, for it is only for God to judge. It is for me, the willing slave of my Master, to love, serve, and protect those around me, no matter what the cost. Jew or Gentile. Healthy or sick. Gay or straight. Black or white. Theist or Atheist. I give them all equal love and consideration.
Activities:Mock Trial, Debate, History, Genetics, Writing, Poetry, Reading, Long-distance Running, Acting, Magic/illusions
Beliefs:I'm a Jesus Freak. I'm second. I'm washed by blood. I'm not a prisoner of my old life. Politically: Change hearts not laws
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Quotes:"Life's tough. Life's tougher if you're stupid." -John Wayne

"You either find faith, or lose it. You either have it or had it. Well, I have had it. So I'll wear my smiles on the good days that I keep in these baskets and then grimace through my life without your opiate for the masses. You pop your God, like these pills that I take to bear the circumstances! What's the difference?" -Levi the Poet

"The difference between a belief in God and a belief is Santa Claus is that no adult has ever come to believe in Santa Claus by following the evidence."
Sports Teams:New York Yankees, Carolina Hurricanes, Holland National Soccer Team,

Katniss should of ended up with Gale/The Hunger Games


In The Hunger Games, Katniss should of ended up with Gale. Please only accept it you have read the books and the films.Also, this round is for acceptance only....

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Basic Chivalry and "Ladies First" is sexist


So here's the facts: for some odd reason young women are starting to take offense when I try to maintain some level of chivalry and respect for them in this day in age. I saw a similar debate and thought "Hey why not debate that?" Chivalry and such includes: holding a door open, offering to carry stuff for them, paying for a meal unrequested, taking a lady's coat or hat at the door, giving up your seat for a woman, etc. Pro must prove such actions are sexist to win, while I must prove they...

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abortion after 8 weeks


The idea of abortion all together in my opinion is wrong. Although I know in some extreme cases like finding out late or pregnancy through rape could conflict my argument, which is why I decided on an 8 week limit rather than being totally against abortion. Also the 24 weeks which they allow currently is far to long. I believe that if it can't be stopped it should at least be shortened. As someone who is expecting at the moment 24 weeks is far to long a time to decide, plus by this stage you alr...

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Euthanasia is unethical


Round 1 is acceptance. Rules are as follows and basically the same for all my debates: 1. I have a Zero-Tolerance for harsh language. However, euphemisms, (Dang, darn, heck, frick) have acceptance at a minimum. Excessive use is inappropriate in a debate setting. 2. Any tangible information used to prove the truth of the matter asserted must at least one (1) reliable source. A short description of the approximate location in the source would be helpful as well. 3. Wikipedia is NOT a sour...

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Contemporary Christian music is UnBiblical


Ok, so here's me, a 16-year-old Jesus Freak with a taste for hardcore and metal musically, but a taste for positive and Christian lyrics as well. Solution: Christian metal! I also enjoy softer stuff by Tenth Avenue North, Casting Crowns, etc. Unfortunately, I get judged. A lot. So I'm here to discuss CCM with a Christian who believes it is wrong. This will be a less-than-formal debate. The only allowed outside source is the Bible and personal experience. Again, to accept this debate plea...

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After Eden
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Affirmative Action
Animal Rights
Barack ObamaCon
Border FencePro
Civil UnionsPro
Death PenaltyN/O
Drug Legalization
Electoral College
Environmental ProtectionPro
Estate Tax
European UnionCon
Federal ReserveCon
Flat TaxN/O
Free TradePro
Gay Marriage
Global Warming ExistsN/O
Gold Standard
Gun Rights
Internet CensorshipCon
Iran-Iraq WarPro
Labor Union
Legalized Prostitution
Medicaid & MedicareCon
Medical Marijuana
Military InterventionPro
Minimum WageCon
National Health CareCon
National Retail Sales TaxCon
Occupy Movement
Progressive Tax
Racial ProfilingPro
Smoking Ban
Social ProgramsCon
Social SecurityCon
Stimulus Spending
Term Limits
United NationsCon
War in AfghanistanPro
War on Terror

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