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About Me:I am just an average American Christian. Wait- I am "average" for a Christian in America in the 1950's. By todays standards, I am a right wing nut job because I wont bow down to the Government, I wont support the destruction of traditional marriage, or the murder of infants in the womb. Because I wont "affirm" such disgusting behavior, anti-Christian bigots will sometimes accuse me of hating certain groups of people, but I do not. I love every human, as we are all made in the image of God.
Activities:Debate. Boating. Rafting. Guns.
Beliefs:The Bible. A literal reading.
Books:The Kingdom of the Cults. The KJV Bible. God has a Wonderful Plan for your life: The myth of the modern message.
Movies:The Encounter. The Encounter 2. Time Changer. Flywheel. The Gospel of John. Everything put out by "The Fuel Project".
Music:Casting Crowns. Bluegrass Worship Band. Chris August.
TV Shows:The Andy Griffith Show. Leave it to Beaver. Duck Dynasty.
4 Debates

More Persuasive Evidence for the Bible, not the Book of Mormon


I am a Christian ( orthodox, historical, mainstream ) looking to debate a Latter Day Saint ( sometimes called "Mormons" ). If you are not a Mormon, with knowledge of the Book of Mormon and LDS Church history, this is NOT a debate for you. First round, acceptance and introduction. Second round, opening statement, and make the case for your claims. Third round, rebuttal. Fourth round, closing arguments. You can appeal to whatever you feel will help your case, I stand on the Bible, Science, H...

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Fundamentalism is detrimental to society


I am arguing that religious fundamentalism of any sort is dangerous to society and counterproductive to progress as a species. I am not arguing that there is no God, no metaphysical, that we evolved, or etc. I only want to argue about fundamentalism and according to the general definition as defined by Merriam-Webster: "a movement or attitude stressing strict and literal adherence to a set of basic principles" First round is acceptance. This is meant to be a 3 round debate. Posting an argu...

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The Bible is true, the Book of Mormon is not.


Terms: I am a Christian looking to debate a Mormon. If you are not a Mormon, this debate is not for you. The Bible has withstood the test of time. It is accurate in areas of History, Geology, Logic, Prophecy and Science. The Bible literally warns against Mormonism. A Christian who follows the Bible will not be able to then also follow the Book of Mormon, because they are in conflict with one and other. First round, accept challenge and introduce yourself. Second round make the case for you...

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Is Homosexuality a Sin?


Prerequisite: This debate is ONLY for those that believe in sin. If you are an atheist, or some other religion who doesn't believe in sin, this is a moot point. Introduction: The mainstream media ( news and talk radio ) would have us believe that most Christians in America have come to an agreement that homosexuality is not a sin. Invitation: Are you a Christian who believes that homosexuality is not a sin? Argument: The Bible clearly states that Homosexuality is a sin, in the old and...

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