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Joke Competition


I've seen a few of these in the past, and thought I'd give it a try...the rules of the competition are as follows: 1. Each round a new joke will be posted as your "argument" 2. The Pro and Con positions mean nothing in terms of the arugment. 3. There is a limit of one joke per round. 4. The loser will have to individually wash the corns of the winner's feet. Scratch rule #4. Let the Joke Competition begin! One midsummer's evening, two sight-seers were captured by a native jun...

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Blue-Frosted Cake Donuts


I am against blue-frosted cake donuts. Before I begin the debate, I would like to say that the spelling of "Donut" is merely the shortened term of "Doughnut" in persuasive American English, and that a "Donut" has the same overall definition and description as a "Doughnut". Don't even try to nail me on that one. Also I would like to remind my opposition that this is a one-round debate, so throw everything you have to say out there. As I was saying, I am against blue-frosted cake donuts, for...

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From a debate judging standpoint, LM should win the "Cousins and beer nuts" debate.


Here is the debate: LM is none other than me, Logical-Master. I challenge someone here to show me why my opponent should win this debate. Offer me reasons and I will rebut them either by showing that mynameisjonas didn't say the points you put forward or by showing why your analysis is contrary to ethical debate principles. (Or any other option I can think of.) I stand in firm affirmation that I should w...

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LeBron James is the most UNDERRATED star athlete,and is certainly not a crybaby


LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers is the most underrated player in basketball. Everyone from the national media and even fellow Clevelanders are out to get him or say something bad about him. Is this a sign of jealousy? I mean if he went to college this would be his rookie year. This is his 5th. That says alot...

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"Regular" Cell Phones > Tracfone


December 25th, 2006, 4:10 PM. My family was gathered in the living room, tearing open gift after gift, filled with joy after joy of the satisfaction of receiving what we had asked for that Christmas day. Ah, yes, what a scene it was. Until one precocious present changed it all. My grandmother opened a gift wrapped in green, plaid paper, to find something she had least expected from her son. "It's a new cell phone!" she cried, as she held up a Samsung SCH-u340, all wrapped up in its plastic pr...

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