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Books:the hunger games series, divergent, revolution 2020, thirteen reasons why, the innocent man by john grisham, the house of night series, The sealed nectar etc.
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Quotes:"If you do not feel ashamed of anything, then you can do whatever you like." (Bukhari)
The best of you are those who are best to the women."(Tirmidhi)
"The most excellent Jihad is that for the conquest of self." (Bukhari)
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Is religion a detriment to the advancement of the human race for all the issues it causes?


Let's keep this debate clean and well mannered. With that said just as the debate topic says is religion worth haveing as in do the con's outweigh the pros of religion. I well be taking the side of I think religion is a hindrance and detrimental to human progression. Obviously con well try to argue religion is a positive and does good for humanity. As I said let's keep this clean and nice I'm not here to offend everyone everyone has the right to there beliefs this is just to have a stimulating d...

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Jesus Claimed to be God


I have heard quite a few people argue that Jesus never claimed to be God. Maybe those exact words never came out of his mouth but I will argue that if we look at what he said his intention was clearly that he did claim to be God. I will be using the protestant cannon of the Bible, while I don't think the Catholic cannon contradicts this I am not familiar enough with it to use it. Anything outside the Bible is prohibited, so no Gnostic Gospels or outside text,we are going solely on what is credit...

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Islamic banking system prevails over other banking systems


I am going to argue that the Islamic banking system prevails over other banking system. round 1) acceptance only....

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Quran is the word of god


I am going to argue for the topic "Quran is the word of god" round 1 ) acceptance only round 2) arguments only round 3) rebuttal and arguments round 4) rebuttal only ( no new arguments)...

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One plus one equals two


Following my proposal in This is a debate meant to push on the boundaries of debates, which is a great creative exercise. In this debate, i defend that 1+1=2, because after all, we all know and, you know, there's no reason for someone to say the opposite. Even if you don't know much about algebra, one plus one equals two. Here you have a video of Beyonce's song "1+1" She clearly states: "I don't know abou...

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