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United States Public Schools Ought to Require Mental Health Testing for its Students


I affirm the resolution that Mental Health Testing Ought to be Required for United States Public Schools. Mental health has become an unaddressed pandemic. School shootings, specifically that of Columbine in which the Eric Harris is considered an undiagnosed psychopath and Dylan Klebold is considered an undiagnosed depressive. Mrs. Klebold even published a book on the topic of mental health in schools, with all proceeds going towards mental health advancements.However, while...

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United States Public Schools Ought to Require Mental Health Testing for its Students


First round is acceptance!...

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Having children is unethical


I aim to show that it is in general unethical to have children. First, having children contributes to population growth. The world's population is projected to reach 10 billion by 2100, and Earth can support 10 billion people if everyone is eating nothing but grains. It would only support 2.5 billion if everyone were eating like Americans are eating now [1]. This is assuming we don't find a way to drastically increase the human lifespan, and we very well might. Either way, there would be litt...

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Mental Health Testing Ought to be Required for United States Public Schools.


First round is acceptance. Good luck to my opponent!...

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Mental Health Testing Should be Required by U.S. Public Schools.


First round is acceptance...

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Global Warming Exists
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Iran-Iraq WarUnd
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Legalized Prostitution
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Progressive Tax
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Term LimitsN/O
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