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Quotes:"Seeing marriages every day makes one rarely perceive the greatness in marriage, especially since everything is done to belittle it." -Soren Kierkegaard
"An unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates
"True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing." - Socrates

Should Gay Marriage be Legal? (Yes, it is already legal, but should it be or should it be illegal?"


I want you to imagine the perfect someone, whether you have found them or not, they would make you happy right? Hair, what shade is it, how does it part? Eyes, what color are they, how do they make you feel? How about character, humorous, caring, independent or even emotionally strong? Now, unfortunately, that perfect someone, is swiped from you! Not in a sense that someone else loves them, but you can"t be with them. It"s forbidden, similar to a fairytale but it"s heartbreaking, and shakes your...

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The Gospel According to Carrier

lIlIlIllIIIIllIlI - The Gospel According to CarrierPublished on Nov 24, 2017Was Jesus an author's literary invention and not a real person? In this 30 minute documentary interview, Historian and Author, Dr. Richard Carrier posits that the anonymous gospel writer (Mark) borrowed themes from Jewish scripture, Homer and the Jewish-Roman war to create a fictitious character in order to promote a new message. Carrier explains that the origin of Christianity was a versio...

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It is probable that God exists


First round is always about acceptance and setting up rules/definitions: The opponent can always post his argument here or rebuttal. I will as well, just for the sake of me holding the burden of proof. For the sake of this argument, God will be a deity who created the Universe. To say it specifically, we will be discussing the existence of a God. Hence, we can not CITE the Bible as it presupposes the existence of God. I repeat we will not be CITING the Bible! Now, if anyone during this debate,...

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We don't have freedom and free will.


Freedom and free will are illusions. Physical actions determine our actions. Physical actions determine physical actions. (And Those actions are probabilistic by quantum theory)...

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Some of the weirdest, strangest, vile, wonderful, original, mega-talented music of all time


Let's get together and have some discussions on some of the weirdest, strangest, completely gone from this universe, and most original that you have ever seen or heard as well as the most mega-talented. Originality takes precedence because in the music world it is the rarest of rare. If you believe that I have not heard of a band or artist and they are original enough or super mega-talented for my ears to hear... send em this way!!!! And oh yes I am missing hundreds, if not thousands. Of course...

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Term Limits
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