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Quotes:"One man with courage is a majority."-Thomas Jefferson
"When the president said he was against nation building, I didn't realize he meant our nation."-Al Franken
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Zombies Cannot Run!


This is a debate to put an end to it all! With Halloween passing by and a new television series concerning Zombies (AMC "The Walking Dead) I felt it was appropriate to discuss the topic. For many years in the Zombie Sub-culture, we have been debating whether or not when the dead rise, will they be able to chase us down or stagger after us? What my opponent must do, to be clear, is refute my arguments by using media and pop culture. (Literature, movies, internet.) This is to be fun and fee...

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Cliffhanger battle.


For this debate I will make up a situation ending in a cliffhanger where my opponent will get our hero out of, I will do the same ending with another cliffhanger and wash rinse repeat, notice the short character limit. Plausability, fairness and creativity are required but not neccesarilly scientific accuracy. Wewill be judged by our ability to get out of situations and get into new ones smoothly. Let me start. "Roy walked to home one morning tired, exhausted and broke. In his pockets was noth...

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The Lord of the flies in "Lord of the Flies" was most likely an illusion.


I'm asking Con to present his argument first since [s]he has the burden of proof. I will go on to explain the resolution. To understand the reference I'm refering to you have to read or have read William Golding's "Lord of the Flies". I will be arguing that the lord of the flies in the book was not a concrete physical character. But rather an illusion or abstact concept so to speak. Con will be arguing that the lord of the flies was an actual physical creature. With that being said, Please add q...

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President John F. Kennedy's Assassination was Organized by high ranking Government Officials


This may offend some, so I want to point out that this is not a debate to bring down America and is designed in no way to challenge patriotism of anyone. Debate Structure: For this debate round 1 is only for opening statements and introductions. Round 2 will be for Pro and Con to post their arguments and evidence. Round 3 is for rebuttals to the posted arguments. Save rebuttals for Round 3. Definitions: I don't think there is a need for any definitions this is all pretty self explana...

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A Crowbar is the best weapon to have during a Zombie Uprising.


My position is simple. During the Zombie uprising, the best weapon is a crowbar. Yes you should always have a good amount of reliable weapon and shouldn't depend on just one. But the argument here is which is the best. I will let Con choose a weapon they feel is better and we shall debate the matter at hand. Some things to keep in mind: -You can only kill a zombie by destroying the brain. -Real zombies (George Romero zombies) walk and shuffle. They don't run around. -Once you're bitten you...

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