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About Me:I have been described by others as being a magnetic leader who is fair in his decisions. I am very well read. I am a big-picture thinker and entrepreneur. I am philosophical and try to walk a mile in someone else's shoes before passing judgement...however, once all the facts are in I WILL pass judgement. I don't believe I need to be omnipotent or other such nonsense to be able to adequately judge another fairly. Everyone has problems and adversities. Some may be worse than mine. However, we all have a choice as to what we do and should bear the responsibility for our actions.
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Beliefs:I believe in personal responsibility. I'm not against giving someone a hand up, but I don't want to carry them. Everyone is born equal and has the same opportunity to better themselves.
Quotes:I have two. What, me worry ?--Alfred E. Neumann

"I live for the day when my children will be judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character" = MLK

The health insurance industry and pharmaceutical industry is unfairly maligned.


Where's the love for these industries? It is PEOPLE who take advantage of them, not the other way around....

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Topic: Anarchy


I would otherwise think this would be a silly thing to even bother saying, but looking at people's profiles, there is actually a surprising number of anarchists. The concept of anarchy being beneficial is naïve and reckless. Governments are in place for VERY important reasons. People are violent. It is true. It is part of human nature to kill other Humans. This may seem strange to us, but that is only because we have been conditioned to suppress this violent nature. "During the time men li...

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Character is best forged by Mental Pain


The world is not a nice place. There are nice things in it, but to solely be concerned with the 'niceness' leaves one vulnerable and unprepared. Just as steel is forged by fire, so too, is character forged by pain....

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If a business wants to allow smoking then the so be it, government should stay out!


People do not have to go to a business it is thier choice. though it may be more convienent for people includding my self to eat in a smoke free environment that doesn't make it right. The right sollution is for people to ask the resteruant owner to make it a rule that their is to be no smoking if the smoke is bothering them or find another resteruant. And if there is no other smoke free resteruant near by then people should maybe tell the owner that they will not be eating at their resteraunt a...

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Banning the death penelty.


If we sentence a person to death then we are no better then the criminal and deserve to be punished our selves. We need to set an example for people. By letting the person live we show that we are above that persons current state of mind and stand by what we preach that taking a persons life is wrong....

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