Marriage should be legal in the United States.


I would first like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate. Although my opponent and I have already had this debate before, I believe that this second debate would run much smoother, as I am now no longer burdened by the unfair connotation of being anti-gay, which caused many to vote against me, while my position suggests nothing of the sort, and we'll be able to concentrate on the actual problem at hand - that is, the legalization of marriage. Marriage - an institution in which int...

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resolved: mettal is better for society than rap, wich is detramental to society.


ok where is the talent in rap? so what you can rhyme a few words and loop them 1000 times to some crappy synth beat. anyone with musical talent need not apply to the realm of rap cuz to make it in the rap industry you just need to pay someone to push buttons to make a song and all you need to do is talk into a microphone about the STUP!DEST SH!T and boom your a millionare corrupting the music industry. Metal is a lot better for a simple reason. Its a lot of variety! You have tons and tons and to...

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teen gone to far.....with fathers permission


everyone by now knows miley cyrus / Hannah Montana 1. I believe she does not sing good at all! 2. she is a bad influence to her littiler fans such as dating a boy the age of 22 and she being 15 at the time 3.she posts pictures of her self in panties and a bra on the Internet or anyone to see ! is this her cry for help or is this just her cry for help!I don't know! did her father make her grow up to fast living his dream thru her who knows. if anyone partially agrees please give me Ur in si...

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The Gospel


I contend that nowhere in the Bible is baptism clearly shown to be part of the Gospel. It was not in the Gospel that Abraham received. It was not in the Gospel that Jesus preached. It was not in the Gospel that Peter preached on the day of Pentecost. It most certainly was not in the Gospel that Paul preached. The Bible gives us an unmistakably clear definition of the Gospel in the Word and it does not include baptism....

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