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Any believer in the bible has to agree that the land of israel belongs to the jewish people


One condition of the debate is that con has to believe in the bible. The bible says tons of times that the land of israel is given by g-d to the nation of israel. The boundaries are clearly delineated in the end of the book of numbers. Therefore i say that a believer in the bible cannot in any way think that the palestinians should get a state in the land of israel. For that would constitute theft from the jewish people to whom g-d gave the land as an eternal inheritance. I will just quote...

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It's probable that Palestine should it be created, will not be an enemy of israel


The burden of proof is on my opponent. Actually, I do believe all I have to do is prove that Palestine and Israel can be friends. Which, mind you, they have been many times in the past. I shall try my best.You still have given no evidence of your claims, either. You still have to submit absolute proof that all Palestinians would be the enemy of Israel. Because the Palestinians have always been enemies of the state of Israel. The words Palestinians and enemies are misnomers to a certain extent, a...

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freedom of religion in USA should not involve freedom to *fully* practice old testament judiasm


freedom of religion in the USA should not involve freedom to *fully* practice old testament judiasm the USA is known to be a religiously tolerant society. but, old testament judiasm permits or requires things that go against our commonly accept values and laws. examples. in the old testament, people are to be put to death for what many would consider trivial moral infractions, slavery is often permitted or directed, women are treated as property, a woman raped can be forced to marry her ra...

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God Is Omnipotent


I have made this debate short as it is fairly unpractical. I use it only to make a point. Today, we will be debating on the power of God. I assert that logic and reason are more powerful than "God's divine power". My opponent will forfeit both of his rounds in defense of faith, and only offer prayers to God. Unless God causes a miracle, I must win this debate. However, the Bible says with faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. The conclusion I'd like all voters to ask thems...

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from an objective perspective judaism is the most believable religion in the world


The issue brought up constantly by those who don't believe in religion at all is the simple question, why should they believe, you claim that a particular individual received a divine message from g-d who says he wasn't a fraud or a mad man. A question i agree with wholeheartedly, why indeed. The only religion whose proponents claim that the revelation by g-d was to the entire nation is Judaism. The reason why no other religion tried making a similar claim is quite obvious, it's extremely har...

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