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Drug legalization


I was just in a debate over drug legalization but my opponent forfeited most of the rounds so it wasn't really much of a debate. That's why I figured I would try my luck with another opponent. I will take the pro position for the legalization of all drugs. Con will take the argument against the legalization of any or all drugs. Round 1: Acceptance, Definitions Round 2: Opening arguments Round 3: Rebuttals Round 4: Closing arguments, Voters Definitions: Drug: A chemical substance...

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Should students face drug tests throughout their education?


I firmly believe that students from middle school to high school should have mandatory drug testing. My reason to refute this argument is that throughout these years in a teenagers life is when the most peer pressure occurs, most likely occurring throughout the school environment. Throughout my middle school and high school career, I have seen every drug, only knowing what it had been from health classes I had to take throughout middle school and high school, this class supposed to influence...

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Lower the drinking age


You can join the army and fight in war, and yet you can't even have a beer when you come home. The drinking age use to be 18 in America and the young adults didn't feel the need to go out and get "wasted". All over the world the drinking age is lower for Example in parts of Europe the drinking age is 16 even lower in other parts of the world. I feel with the drinking age being lowered you give the young adults the sense of responsibility we once had....

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The US Government should grant universal healthcare to its citizens.


Universal health care should be open to all citizens. The United States has made health care for many residents unaffordable; even through businesses. People who are sick are not focused on getting better anymore, they are focused on whether or not they can pay for treatment. Doctors as well are also focusing on whether or not they will receive payment for this treatment. Knowing that many other areas in the world have universal health care shows it's not impossible for the United States to inqu...

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We all have the right to keep and bear arms.


We all have the right to bear arms, isn't that what the U.S Constitution states? So why is it all of a sudden horrible to own a gun. People argue guns kill people, but last time I checked the gun was not going off by itself, they had a hand attached to it and someone pulling the trigger. When people look into the horror stories of owning a gun people only see the negative facts, and now with that in play many people want to ban guns in general. They want to get rid of organizations like the NRA...

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