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About Me:I am a student at Emory University majoring in business.
Activities:Racquet Sports, Skiing, Soccer, Tennis
Beliefs:I am a Muslim and a conservative, and I side myself with the republican party. I feel that the democrat party has too many flaws. When the top two democrat candidates in one of the most important elections in our time have never had any executive experience, it almost make me laugh.
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John McCain should receive the Republican nomination instead of Mitt Romney.


John McCain is an experienced conservative leader in the tradition of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan. He is a common sense conservative who believes in a strong national defense, a smaller, more accountable government, economic growth and opportunity, the dignity of life and traditional values. Let us start with a some points. 1. Mitt Romney lacks foreign policy experience. He was only the govenor of Massachusetts. John McCain has actually delt with foreign leaders...

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To show that Solarman is one seriously messed-up person with regards to Islam


Ok, Solarman. I will give some background information. I am a devout Muslim who defends my religion with every chance I get. Since you are so ardent in your belief that Islam is a "death cult" (how ridiculous) and that no Islamic countries have women's rights (such an absurd thing to say), and other shocking and inexcusably wrong things, then I would like to prove to you why I follow my religion and why I do not do the horrible acts radical terrorists do. Now, here are your rules. You cannot...

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Conservatives should vote for Ron Paul, and NOT Fred Thompson


Here are my reasons: 1. Ron Paul is pro-life. As an OBGYN for decades, Dr. Paul delivered more than 4,000 babies and never considered performing an abortion. As any true conservative should, Dr. Paul believes that the federal government has no legitimate jurisdiction over the issue of abortion, including a national ban on the practice, and thinks that the states should decide. And, unlike his Republican rivals, he stands behind this belief with proposed legislation that would strip the issue...

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People who use do not think before they write.

mjvoss should be a place for itellegent debating, but this is not the case. Many who come here just give their opinion and don;t listen to the other debator. People should learn from others not just argue with them. No one on even respect others' opinions. (please disregard the above text. this is a test to see if people read arguments or just vote based on their opinion.) I like all the people on People who read this shoul vote Pro....

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Occupy MovementN/S
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Term LimitsPro
United NationsPro
War in AfghanistanPro
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