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Quotes:Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.(George Santayana)

Resolved: The term "terrorist" is discriminatory towards muslim United States citizen's.


The first round is just for clarification puroposes, no actual arguing should be done. Good Luck To My Opponent....

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The Military of the United States Should Be Radically Restructured (Read on for Details)


First of all, thanks in advance to whomever accepts this challenge. I need a test run of this idea. The United States Military far exceeds the size needed to adequately defend this nation against foreign aggressors or even to deter potential threats. More importantly, exorbitant amounts of money are spent maintaining both this size and the incredible degree of technological sophistication of our military forces. This situation is both unnecessary and unsustainable, and diverts valuable res...

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The values of the constitution are being implied only when it is convenient for society.


"Seperation of Church & State" as outlined in the Constitution, means that religion and the law will not conflict. So long as religion does not break any laws or harms others. It is meant to be constantly enforced; however, it is only implied when it is convenient for society. An example if this is the case of Roy Moore and his attempt to keep the 10 commandments monument in the courthouse. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..." While the United States has not...

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Atheist are better people than those who are religous (genraly)


Not only is scripture almost all false, it also encourages matrydom and murder in the name of religion. Although religous people try to act better because there is evidently (or rather un-evidently) a diety watching over them, it that really better than just being a kind person on your own acord? An interesting antecdote to support this is in 1976, Canada. When the police went on strike a massive crime wave swept the city, untill the army and national guard had to be called in. Studies show that...

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Wesley Snipes: Not Guilty!


Wesley Snipes was acquitted on charges of tax fraud and conspiracy related to his "failure" to file federal income-tax returns. He believed his advisors who said that the Sixteenth Amendment did not give Congress the authority to lay taxes against the income of citizens derived from domestic activity. The income tax, as applied, is NOT constitutional or legal and Wesley Snipes is a hero. This story will be buried by the tax-hungry mainstream media, but the truth is mounting against the illegal I...

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