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Republicans are inconsistent in their defense of individual liberties.


Republicans do a decent job championing the philosophy that people should be entitled to keep as much of their own money as possible. They also assert that government should stay out of our business affairs. These two beliefs demonstrate a high regard for personal freedoms. Republicans are for low taxes and against wealth redistribution (or socialism as I call it). They are for letting businesses decide what they want to offer the public, and letting the public decide which businesses they want...

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Standards should be placed on orginizations that Have the word News in the Title


News, We have all seen this word and there is an integrity with it, However at current there are hundreds of "News" programs that are nothing but propaganda engines, churning out speculation and opinion rather than fact. We need to place standards on any "News" program to ensure that information is broadcast in a non biased way. I am not saying that we cannot have the biased shows, I am simply saying that opinion should not be touted as fact....

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gun control


Gun control: By definition, gun control does not work because of this reason. The thug down the street who robbed a bank more than likely, did not get his gun legally. He probably does not have a gun liscence, and most likely got his gun from the street corner or black market. Let me give an example: A man goes crazy, and decides to go on a shooting rampage, as the media would describe. He doesn't have his gun liscence, never has owned a gun, but because of his situation like so many others, h...

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Paparazzi Should Be Banned.


I do not believe that the paparazzi should be banned. Although, there are many who go to extremes and completely invade a celebritie's personal space, not as many do. This is not an debate on those few, but paparazzi as a whole. It is their job. It is how they earn money. So many magazines, newspapers, and websites depend of photos and news on celebrities which is found through paparazzi. Also, part of being a celebrity is being in the public eye. It comes along with being famous....

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Legal drinking age for military personel should be 18


The legal drinking age in the U.S. as we all know, is 21. However, I do believe that while it should be 21 for non-militant personel as a precaution of maturity, it should be legal for those serving in our military today. The whole controversey with the legal drinking age is that it is really a maturity thing, and while others mature more slowly than others and some don't at all, who's to say if you have matured to the point where you would be a responsible drinker? There really is no way to det...

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Gold StandardN/S
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Internet CensorshipN/S
Iran-Iraq WarPro
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Term LimitsPro
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