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Ideology:Green Education:High School
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About Me:I'm a sensitive quiet guy. a bit shy and not very outgoing but I'm passionate about the things I believe in such as good government is essential otherwise the world ends up as it is now.
Activities:I'm a amateur drummer...really love drumming and My inspirations vary from the late great buddy rich to the late great Keith moon and the great rock drummer Ian paice of The great rock band Deep purple.
Beliefs:I believe there is a god and that he has tolerated the challenge to his right to rule for a purpose. the purpose is that we should learn from our experience in life that man is not fit to sit in the seat of God. centuries of human rule makes it difficult to deny that.
Books:I enjoy reading History books.
Movies:I like the movie John Q and the Pelican Brief and the Wooden Horse and many other!!
Music:I'm into old school music so I like music from the mid to late 1960s...mainly rock and big band Jazz.
Quotes:don't be stupid.
Sports Teams:none.
TV Shows:I don't watch TV anymore but when I did I used to enjoy Watching drama's such as Albion market which was a drama soap from the mid 1980s.
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Government in the hands of God rather than humans


According to the Bible, humans were never supposed to rule themselves but after the rebellion which was instigated by the angel known as 'Satan' humans are now lumbered with the responsiblity of basically 'playing the role of God'. Many people would argue that self rule is a disaster and that human society would be better if God took over as ruler. What would be the benefits? Well, health wouldn't be an issue anymore because God's son, Jesus proved that he has power to health the sick and...

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Heath vs Wealth...


We need money to buy the food and water to keep us alive but we can't eat or drink money so it's pretty obvious that a balanced view of wealth and health is important. But what's your opinion?...

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Updated 2 Years Ago

One God= one religion


Have you ever wondered why there are so many religions even though the Bible claims that there is only one God? Would human society be calmer if there was only one religion that is centered around one God? My opinion is yes it would but what do you believe? Please share your thoughts....

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can smoking be justified in the 21st century?


can smoking be justified when it ruins health and destroys lives, spoils the environment, increases the cost of health care every time people need treatment due to their habit of smoking? I say that smoking should have been banned once it became clear that it does not benefit those who smoke. and I believe that the governments have betrayed us by allowing the cigarette business to join together with the advertising business so they they could entice us to start smoking even though they k...

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if there is one god..why are there so many religious divisions?


according to the bible, the god of the Christian religion created the heavens and the earth and the people that live on earth. therefore everyone that sees value in religion should become a christian right? but yet if you look around you'll see no end of divisions even within the realms of Christianity. and yet according to Christianity's founder "Jesus Christ" god loves us so much that he was willing to send his son from heaven to earth on our behalf so that everyone that believes in...

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