• Society often treats pets better than other human beings.

    Some pet owners do treat their pets in a ridiculously lavish fashion. Society needs to be reminded to care about one another, human beings to human beings, and watch the spending on over-the-top pet accessories. Pets do not need fancy collars or clothing items. The occasional treat is good enough for them.

  • Spoiling your pets

    Yes I definitely agree and think that people spend way too much on their pets and spoil them. How can any person spoil a pet when fellow human beings do without. I agree that animals have every right to be taken care of but not spoiled with luxury dog houses that they care nothing about.

  • Yes. Society spoils pets.

    In today's society, pets are treated like family members. In some families, pets are children and are treated as such. This is the reason that pet food companies ingredients are held to a much higher standard than they did even 10 years ago. Pets are also very obese because of this behavior by their owners that special food had to be created to put pets on a diet.

  • Pets are not too spoiled

    Pets are not too spoiled. This is because they are our best friends. Pets are always there to listen to use and cuddle with us. They are the next best thing to our spouses. They keep us company and do not judge us. For this they are worth being pampered.

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