$2 gas appears in some spots: Will the national price of gas ever return to pre-recession levels?

  • National gas prices

    Yes I do think that the national price of gas will return to pre-recession levels. In my own personal town at least the gas is a little bit over two dollars a gallon and I assume that other places are like that as well and if they are not then they will be.

  • Most likely not

    Gas went down for elections primarily prices are essentially controlled by the government we would have gas at a dollar otherwise American oil production is booming and we are no longer reliant on foreign markets. Fracking has opened up vast amounts of oil for production. Gas prices didn't go down because of the recession they have ben strategically raised to reduce global warming with gas prices higher people try to drive less. This is why they drop for every election the party in power uses it to make it seam that economic conditions are improving.

  • Gas prices will not decrease in the future, but increase.

    Low gas prices are increasingly unsustainable as we move into the 21st century and consume more and more of the world's fossil fuels. With the supply of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas decreasing as the demand continues to rise, national gas prices will not return to pre-recession levels.

  • Gas prices are controlled by people who are out to make money.

    While I would love to see the gas prices go back to where they were before the recession I just do not see that happening. The people in charge of gas prices are all to quick to raise prices whenever there is a crisis or major event. Even when they do lower the prices there is a increase shortly there after. The pattern seems to be to lower it enough to make consumers happy for a little while and then jack the prices back up again. It really would be nice if we could get back to the lower prices that we loved so much.

  • No, national gas prices will never return to pre-recession levels.

    The decline of the price of oil has done wonders for gas prices all over the US, and this is obviously welcome news for the entire US public. With such poor public transportation infrastructure, individual US consumers are highly dependent on the price of gas. Yet even as this relief has been substantial, there's just no way gas prices will ever return to their pre-recession levels. We shouldn't hold out for this pipe dream.

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