$700 billion US economic bailout: Does the $700b bailout give reasonable power to US Treasury?

  • The $700 billion bailout gives reasonable power to US Treasury.

    The Treasury has significant leverage over the companies it bailed out because of the dollar amount it used. The Treasury made a significant powerplay with the bailout. Although several members of congress objected to the bail out, it went through anyway. This may set a precedent for future financial bailout in the future.

  • Bailouts Favor the Connected

    The power usurped by the United States Treasury through the so-called bailout is completely unreasonable. The treasury essentially has the power to decide which politically favored firms deserve a bail out. And those bailed out firms were typically the ones which made the worst business decisions, and are now being rewarded for their incompetence. That should not be the duty of the U.S. Treasury.

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