$700 billion US economic bailout: Will the $700 billion bailout help (yes) or hurt (no) taxpayers?

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  • It will hurt

    The government bailout has existed for 5 years now and, contrary to the many promises at inception, its hard to say what effects it has had, and it can be confidently said that it hasn't been used in the most cost effective way for the taxpayers, but instead in the best way for politicians and large corporations.

  • Exacerbites Culture of Corporate Welfare

    Bailouts during the Great Recession amounted to corporate welfare. Instead of helping those who lost jobs and homes because of mortgage loan sharks, the government propped up shareholders of large companies to prevent a second Great Depression and even more job losses. In the end, the bailout will hurt taxpayers in the long run because the bailouts set a dangerous precedent for future calamities. Next time, companies should file bankruptcy just like any other business or individual who can't pay their bills.

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