"American Idol" (yes) or "America's Got Talent" (no)? Why?

Asked by: Adam2
  • 'American Idol' Original Reality Competition

    "American Idol" is still the top reality competition show on television. The winners, even from early seasons, still have mega-album sales. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are household names and multi-millionaires. Without American Idol, Underwood wouldn't have been the next Baroness Von Trapp on NBC's revival of "The Sound of Music." Without 'Idol' and its success, all other competition shows would not exist among the crush of reality shows all over the airwaves today.

  • It is a demeaning public display of humility.

    People who participate and watch these kinds of shows have no clue as to what message they are sending to our youth. This is why we have such a big problem with bullies in our public school system. People think it is funny to put a person on public display, And then tell them they have no talent and will not be chosen to continue in the contest. !

  • America's Got Talent.

    Americas got talent allows the chance for more than just singers to show of their skills. Dancers, singers, puppeteers, anyone with a unique hobby and talented skill is able to join and show others what they are made of. It is far more interesting to watch and you get to see some great things.

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