"Assistants" of assisted suicides should be charged with murder.

Asked by: hardcore_debater
  • Yes, he/she should

    The assistant should be arrested, why? Because taking a life, no matter how you put it, is still murder, you are in no place to judge your time of death, the government wants you alive, and you work for the government, the assistant possibly was the one who drove him/her to suicide

  • YES she/he helped he/she die

    People who commit suicide usually have a health problem or have been rejected in society. Whoever helped the person commit suicide should be arrested because they knew that this person was going to commit suicide. They could have notified the police, and knowing someone is going to die is just as bad as murder.

  • Everyone has the right to suicide

    Everyone has the right to commit suicide, just because someone is disabled does not mean they should be denied the basic human right of choosing if they want to die. Many people see assisted suicide as their only way out of their situation and they should have the right to die if that is what they choose. If an able person can choose to die a disabled person should have the same right

    Posted by: sssb
  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it shouldnt

    No cuz they didnt make dem die. Dey just helped dem cuz dem dead ppl wanted to be ded. So stup bein so poopie bout dis quetchun. It not dat hard. Jut say noh. Its noh. Dat dee anserr. By de way im in grad 4. Im not sposed to be on dis websit. Sorry techer. LOL

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