"Bachelorette" finale: Are reality couples that compete for love destined for failure?

  • They barely know each other.

    How can it be real love? They don't know each other. Haven't went through any life bonding situations to grow love. It can't possibly work. Unless, its a rare situation where they actually meet and click. That is completely possible. However, any situation where I feel I need to compete for your attention would automatically turn me off.

  • Yes, but not because of the show

    It's more because if they agree to do such a show, they value attention to the point where they are willing to sacrifice their emotional selves in order to get publicity. This does not bode well for loyalty to another person. When attention becomes that important, it's a problem. I also don't believe that the nature of the relationship is good - they've most likely presented altered concepts of themselves as part of the show. This could be fine - maybe later they could get to know each other and with some luck get along quite well. But if they value attention more than honesty and publicity more than intimacy, they're still not likely to make it.

  • Yes, reality couples that compete for love are destined for failure.

    Real love takes time to develop out here in the real world. When a person or couple is followed by numerous cameras day after day, love cannot grow. Artifice, drama, and overexposure-these are the things that flourish on reality television. People are under significant pressure in this modern world to find and fall in love with a mate. A reality show that condenses that process down to a single season all while living in forced proximity to the competitors only exacerbates that stress. Beginning a relationship under such false and manufactured romance is not healthy and is likely not to sustain itself once the lights, cameras, and over-the-top paid-for dates are a thing of the past.

  • Reality show couples are destined to fail.

    I believe when you make you entire life as public as a reality show, and you are trying to find true love; failure is in their future.
    Competing with others on a show for someone to fall in love with you, makes the person seem desperate and can not find their own partner on their own.

  • Yes, made for tv romance is doomed.

    Shows only film for a short amount of time, and in that time people are expected to go from being strangers, to being married. At least in an arranged marriage, the family has some foresight into the other person's family. This is a relationship based solely on tv acclaim, ratings, and a cash prize. There's not a real basis aside from a cosmetic one.

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