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Barack Obama transfers $500m to Green Climate Fund in attempt to protect Paris deal. Should the US continue to support this project?

  • Future is how we have to think.

    I sometimes am astounded at how much many under appreciate nature. Every day we produce about 160,000 plastic bags per second. And those numbers are increasing. Still some say that climate change isn't real. This is the only topic that is debated even though there is a countless amount of scientific data to back up the realness of this problem. If you ask me this is only the beginning. Only a small step towards what we have to do to take care of our planet.

  • Yes, it's the only legitimate deal we have.

    Many actions have been taken both in and outside of government across the globe to slow the seemingly inevitable demise of Mother Earth. Many green deals and initiatives have been induced, but mostly rest on the honor and motivation of individual citizens. This agreement made by the United Nations has the potential to be the most effective as whole nations and the worlds most powerful institutions unify to focus on a single objective and method for success, in which they can also hold each other accountable. The real question is, does the U.S. have $500 million to give?

  • Yes, the US should continue to support the Paris deal.

    Since climate change and global warming is such a huge issue that can very much result in catastrophic outcomes, the US should lead the way in mitigating the damage and protecting the Paris deal is all part of this. As a leading contributor to the pollution that is causing these climate changes, the US has every reason to lead the way in solving the problem.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    I wonder how many of our problems $500m. would fix in country. That would buy a lot of food and housing, cars for those who need then, clothes for the poor, pay some doctor bills. Not to mention people would be so grateful for the help it could possibly change the attitude of the American people. You could even put it back into the Social Security fund that is running out of money. The list is endless.

  • The US should not continue to support the Paris deal

    Barack Obama's transfer of $500m to Green Climate Fund in attempt to protect Paris deal is nothing but a sham. Could he not have found a better use for the money to be spent on the American people, particularly since we American's are one's who are paying the tab? Thank God he is leaving office.

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