"become a webcam model" Is this a good job or no..?

Asked by: dreamlife
  • Could be a good short term/part time job.

    If you can get past people objectifying you for money and the potential woes of current and future partners then yes. A lot of people, especially women can find great financial gain exploiting their bodies for cash. Some can even find it freeing and have great fun doing it. Can be helpful if you are young open and strapped for cash.

    Posted by: FT7
  • Yes may be. If Job seeker is satisfied.

    It's all depend upon job seeker. If they are feels comfortable then this is good otherwise not good too much. It is good for interested candidate. Uninterested candidate stay in keep distance. According to me it is. Now your time is start guys. Advance thanks for your opinion.
    Jacks John

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