• Big Brother Contestants

    I have never watched Big Brother so I have no idea whether I would like any of the contestants or not. I typically do not like watching reality television because it is all orchestrated for the audience and it is not entertaining. It is just unnecessary drama that does not appeal to me.

  • No, I don't .

    The remaining big brother contestants are all sniveling, conniving, lying people's le who are playing into stereotypes in order to win fans and win a game in order to win a prize and gain fame and notoriety. These are not the kinds of people that I like and respect in real life or on tv.

  • No, I dont like the concept of the series

    I watched a few episodes of Big Brother and I just didn't like the concept of the series at all. The contestants appear to be fake and meant to do extreme things . Normal , regular people don't act like this. The contestants act like they are acting on a show and its very phony.

  • Big Brother contestants don't stand out on reality TV.

    In general, reality TV contestants are too "over the top" and Big Brother is no exception, but are somehow even more boring. Big Brother is simply a duller Real World. The sociological aspect of Big Brother is appealing, but the housemates are all just trying to use this as a stepping stone to legitimate fame and so the social dynamics between the housemates are not believable.

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