• #BLM(yes) and #ALM(no)

    #blacklivesmatter is a movement to empower black people, not to make them superior over other races. They are facing a load of discrimination and supporting them is the least we could do. It's NOT saying that ONLY black lives matter, it's saying that black lives matter TOO. All lives can't matter until black lives are given attention to and cared about. "All lives matter" shouldn't be the defense.

  • BLM And ALM

    All human life does matter, but BLM is protesting the racism in our country. And to those who say that they incite riots and violence, they don't directly advocate that. Donald Trump, the man who somehow was voted president, does encourage violence. So stop talking, and when you say all lives matter, you're just saying you're a racist.

  • They made the name for them self

    They made they're own reputation, just this week i was almost robbed by 4 black teenagers. I meet a white guy fresh out of jail and he was very nice playing pickup with us, and he didn't try anything funny. Blacks are not discriminated they are recognized as monsters i dont think its fair, but saying black lives matter is not gonna work at all, we are still gonna view blacks as dangerous. Plus im not saying all blacks are thugs and hoodlums, they just need to get away from the crime scenarios.

  • Nobody mistreats blacks systemically or institutionally

    Racism does not exist in America. Black people are not hunted down by cops and brutally murdered for no reason in any significant way. They always mention 1 killing here or 1 there but that does not mean that there is institutionalized racism and the black privilege in this country needs to go away.

  • All lives Matter

    So many people here in America are getting ridiculous. First Black lives matter, then Blue lives matter, then Clown lives matter, what next? Teachers' lives matter? Babies' lives matter? All lives matter because we all have LIFE. Anyone who has LIFE deserves to LIVE. There shouldn't be any discrimination to who matters and who shouldn't matter. If you have LIFE, you have a PURPOSE. You MATTER.
    (I will step off of my soap box now)


  • Why not all?

    From what I've seen BLM is a terrorist movement, why in the actual hell would anyone support a terrorist movement/organisation? They incite riots, beatings, vandalism, blocking highways, blocking parades, because of all that I don't give a rats ass about BLM at all, you don't negotiate with terrorists simple as that

  • All lives matter!!!!

    Just saying “black lives matter” could mean that only black lives matter, but that’s wrong! EVERYONE matters. Black people, white people, orange people, etc. #Blacklivesmatter shouldn’t even exist, because ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!! #Alllivesmatter!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • That's Not Fair

    A lot of police officers have been hurt/killed by this movement. I feel that this is the reason why. A lot of the headlines are about police officers and I mean yeah, there are some bad ones out there but look around. In your community you can most likely only name 1-2 bad ones if that many. But not all police officers are bad and the rest other than the 1-2 bad ones are risking their lives every day for you, so be thankful and lets just treat everyone equally.

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