• No, I don't think Taylor Swift is tech savy.

    No, I do not think that Taylor Swift is tech savy. Some of the things she posts online I personally find rather dumb and irritating. I have never been a fan of Taylor Swift. I mean, I don't hate her but I don't enjoy hearing her everywhere I go and seeing her face on my TV either.

  • Yes, Taylor Swift Capitalizes on Yahoo Flub

    Yes, Taylor Swift has shown her media savvy by capitalizing on Yahoo's Flub of the release of her new video "Blank Space". Instead of throwing a tantrum or acting like a Diva, T. Swift showed class by embracing the mistake and sharing a link to the video with her fans.

  • Yes, Taylor Swift is media savvy.

    Yes, Taylor Swift is media savvy. Her whole career she has used the media to rocket her to fame. Even today she continues to do it to promote her transition into mainstream music, and away from the country style she started with. She appears to be a very smart woman who continues to make herself more successful.

  • This Is Abnormal

    The new Swift`s video is abnormal and shocking. The singer is best known for her sweet and kind looks and romantic songs and is adored by the teenagers. It`s really weird why such a famous and loved singer chooses to shock its public with a media like this one. I hope Taylor Swift quickly learns that the public is the highest jury and gets back to her previous self.

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