"Bring it On" (yes) or "Spiderman" (no): Which Kirsten Dunst film do you like more and why?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Yes, Bring it On was funnier.

    Yes, Bring it On is a better Kirsten Dunst film, because Kirsten Dunst was funny in Bring It On. Bring It On was a great movie, because it didn't take itself seriously. The jokes were funny, and cheerleading wasn't taken seriously, and neither was the humor in the movie. I also know someone who was an extra, so that makes it better.

  • Yes for "Bring it On"; no for "Spiderman"

    I wanna see what you guys think. If you like "Spiderman" or "Bring it On" more with her. I can't say! LMAO. What do you guys think. I'm biased a little more to "Spiderman." Who can forget her sporting an attitude with her first boyfriend, the jock. Or the kiss she and Spidie gave. And I mean the first.

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