(Christians only) If Judas was just following God's wish to sacrifice Jesus for humanity, Is it right for Christians to demonize him?

Asked by: Donderpants
  • Yes, because it's possible jesus could of been sacrificed without betrayal.

    Judas was not required to betray jesus. If judas didn't betray jesus then there are countless other ways jesus could have been caught. Judas was not required for the sacrifice of jesus he just played an important role. The sacrifice would have happened with or without judas . Ok den

  • Judas shouldn't be deamonized

    Since Jesus was willing to forgive Judas and not hold what he did against him, and ask God to forgive Judas. I don't think it's right to deamonize him. If Jesus can forgive him so can we. There is no need to hold a grudge against him, if Jesus isn't holding a grudge against him.

  • Depends on a lot of things...

    It comes down to whether or not you really think that people have free will. Did god give us free will? If so, did he take over Judas and make him betray Christ? If he hadn't betrayed Christ, woudl Christ have gone on living, or still have eventually been caught and crucified? Would Christ, knowing his father's plan, have given himself up willingly to show the flaws in the way the church was operating, spurring revolution, as with the martyrs that followed?

    I guess it hinges on whether god knew it would happen, and Judas acted in free will, or god orchestrated the whole thing to bring salvation.

    Personally, I think it seems odd to demonize anyone, as a christian. Shouldn't christians on the whole be looking to people as flawed, having sympathy for what they are and what they have been through, in the interest of bringing everyone to salvation? What happened to judge not lest ye be judged?

    But I guess for most, that only applies when they want it to. Blame gets you nowhere.

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