(Christians only) Is it fair for us to demonize Judas even though his only crime was helping God to kill Jesus for humanity's sake?

Asked by: Donderpants
  • Sorry I'm not a christian, but I dont really care about your imposed rule anyway

    Didnt Judas betray Jesus, therefor being, I dont know, impure morally? Therefor, I dont know, undermining all of Jesus' teachings? I think personally you should stop reading your little book and look at the real world, Have a look at a video on youtube entitled "Why everyone laughs at creationists"

  • Fair or a really dumb question..

    Judas Iscariot's actions (treachery/greed) in delivering up Jesus to a certain death ought to be evident to even an atheist, but Jesus answered that when he said, "woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for him if he had not been born." Personal greed and betrayal on his part had nothing to do with fulfilling God's plan. There's no one trying to "impose rule" over you, Don Quixote. Personally, you should stop watching Youtube videos only to brave the Internet looking to ape the attitudes of Youtube atheists. Try reading a book, even a small one.

    Try John Milton, "To whom our Saviour sagely thus repli'd.
    Think not but that I know these things, or think
    I know them not; not therefore am I short
    Of knowing what I aught: he who receives
    Light from above, from the fountain of light,
    No other doctrine needs, though granted true;
    But these are false, or little else but dreams,
    Conjectures, fancies, built on nothing firm.
    The first and wisest of them all profess'd
    To know this only, that he nothing knew;
    The next to fabling fell and smooth conceits,
    A third sort doubted all things, though plain sense;
    Others in vertue plac'd felicity,
    But vertue joyn'd with riches and long life,
    In corporal pleasure he, and careless ease,
    The Stoic last in Philosophic pride,
    By him call'd vertue; and his vertuous man,
    Wise, perfect in himself, and all possessing
    Equal to God, oft shames not to prefer,
    As fearing God nor man, contemning all
    Wealth, pleasure, pain or torment, death and life,
    Which when he lists, he leaves, or boasts he can,
    For all his tedious talk is but vain boast,
    Or subtle shifts conviction to evade.
    Alas what can they teach, and not mislead;
    Ignorant of themselves, of God much more,
    And how the world began, and how man fell
    Degraded by himself, on grace depending?
    Much of the Soul they talk, but all awrie,
    And in themselves seek vertue, and to themselves
    All glory arrogate, to God give none,
    Rather accuse him under usual names,
    Fortune and Fate, as one regardless quite
    Of mortal things. Who therefore seeks in these
    True wisdom, finds her not, or by delusion
    Far worse, her false resemblance only meets,
    An empty cloud."

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