(Conspiracy question) in the future one day blacks will be taken as slaves again and there will be black slavery and sold to China

  • One day the white folks will do it

    Almost every white person is a racist and a Facist who probably preach what Hitler preached thats why they always cry racism can go both ways and they always say “black people can be racist too” even though all they’re talking about is hate (not racism). However one day the white folks will get tired of black folks and sell them all to china

  • White superior is ending

    Europeans stole gunpowder from the Chinese and math from the Greeks. Guns were not even invented by them. Vikings did not conquer the native Americans. European stole to gain power. Although Isaac Newton was a brilliant person I will admit that.
    Guns and germs conquered the natives americans. Mostly germs.
    Europeans did not bath and were very gross people full of a lot of germs.
    The native American had eradicated a lot of illnesses in American and died because they were too clean and hygienic and had no immunity.
    And guns were a new technology that they did not know about.
    Using the money gained from stealing the American gold and stolen lands they built a new empire but needed labor.
    So they bought slaves from Africa. They were at the top.
    Now the advantage white people had is ending. Because of self destructive white people.

    All that military spending and they still have the same tanks and helicopters and old equipment. They are becoming less educated and more impulsive.

    White people won because they were the only ones with guns fighting against spears and arrows. Now every single person and nation can arm themselves with weapons.

    They believe that they are Rambo and that because they got "military training" that they are unstoppable. Only a few men actually reach high levels of military training and guess what they still end up dying to a punk with a gun. In real life Rambo would have died in a shootout.
    Black people would never become slaves again and not every white person would agree to slavery. So a civil war would just mean even less white people. The feds would take you out.
    This question was probably asked by a troll for a reaction but I will pop the delusion. You best get your grandchildren learning Chinese and working for a Chinese boss. Or get them learning Spanish and move to Latin country.

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