"Dancing with the Stars": Do viewers vote based on talent (yes) or for their favorite contestants (no)?

  • I think its a combination of both

    Viewers will vote on the talent of the contestants but lets face it popularity also plays a part in this. If someone is well known or people like the person they will keep them in the competition perhaps in some cases longer then they deserve to be in. Now last nights elimination was hard, any of the four remaining contestants could of easily made it to the finals, but someone had to be sent home. It was sad to see Natsia go, but I couldn't say that she deserve to go the finals any more then the three remaining finalist.

  • Dancing with the Stars viewers vote based on talent.

    Though an individual voter's voting methods may vary, it seems that a majority of Dancing with the Stars viewers vote based on talent rather than playing favorites based on personality. Recently, in March 2015, the audience booed when they learned that voters sent home fan-favorites Redfoo and his partner, Emma Slater, after a less-than-stellar performance.

  • Dancing with the Stars: It's all about that face

    Dancing with the Stars is about stories that give viewers a reason to like certain contestants and to become emotionally caught up in a dancer's story. People like to see others overcome almost impossible odds on the way to achieving a dream, especially if there are tears and gratitude beaming from a sweet looking face. Since it is reasonable to think that the viewing audience lacks a great deal of professional show and talent judging experience, it is, therefore, also reasonable to think that voting based on emotions results in talented dancers being sent home. The voting is split 50/50 between the judges and the viewing audience, which means votes made on emotional appeal can make a dancer with mediocre dancing skills win.

  • Dancing with the Stars voters vote for their favorite contestants.

    Dancing with the Stars contestants do not always vote based on talent. Throughout its many seasons, Dancing with the Stars has sent home many excellent dancers. For example, Sabrina Bryan of the Cheetah Girls was sent home in the fifth elimination week despite being a wonderful dancer. Willow Shields was eliminated after having the highest score of the night. This trend happens again and again leading to the conclusion that voters support their favorite contestants, not the most talented.

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