"Eating Dog meat is acceptable. " Do you agree or disagree?

  • Hey, It's food.

    It wouldn't be my first, Or hundredth, Choice but if you can't find or can't afford anything else, It would beat starving to death. We could even use it to help feed the poor. Each year, Animal control and shelters kill millions of dogs and their meat just goes to waist. Just think of all the meat we could supply to soup kitchens killing two birds with one stone. Many/most of the desperate homeless are not that picky as many have eaten out of dumpsters so eating dog would not be all that bad.

  • [. . . ], Liberty and the pursuit of happiness

    I only eat kosher food. Some only eat halal, Which is almost the same. Should we gang up on you and make you follow our preferences?
    Chinese people eating dogs don't harm you are me in following their dietary preferences.
    Catholic priests turn the 'hosts of the Sacrament" into 2, 000-year-old blood and flesh and make a meal of it. THAT isn't any business of mine either, Nor of yours, And it isn't for us to stop them, Although if pressed to choose I should rather eat Lassie than Jesus!

  • I am neutral

    On a personal tip I do disagree with the consumption of dogs. I would never eat a dog. I have a dog myself. Where I'm from, They are meant as domesticated pets, Not meant for consumption. But this answer won't be 100% my personal opinion as I've already stated, But I will view this as a whole - meaning, The world. This is what I mean: Who am I to say what someone can or cannot eat? Not that I am for them being eaten but they kill and eat dogs in China, That's their culture and what they believe in. Honestly, There is no politically correct answer to this question. I wish there was a "Neutral" button because I'm more in middle. For the people who say no (not counting myself because I did disagree but I'm looking at this viewpoint on both sides) - Look at the factories that kill and torture all the cows, Pigs and chickens? Yet people eat it. Those animals could be sacred to eat at different parts of the world. Muslims don't eat pork, They find it offensive and they don't believe in that. Yet people eat pork. In India, Typically they don't partake in slaughtering and killing cows because for the most part, They don't eat beef. Yet people eat beef. There is no concrete, Clear answer to this question. If you eat pork, Or beef, Which other people disagree with yet you say "You can't eat dogs" that's not fair. It's hypocritical. You can't have your cake and eat it too. You can't control what people eat. Again, Personally, I disagree but as a whole, I am Neutral but at the same time leaning on the "Yes" side. In closing: There's things that can be eaten in various parts of the world that is acceptable and unacceptable to many people.

  • Yes, Eating dog meat is acceptable.

    While eating domestic animals is a terrible thing to do. Why is there a difference between commercial meat from a dog, And say a goat? They are roughly the same size and in all honesty, A live goat gives is more beneficial than a nondomesticated dog. They produce milk and goat fur fabric. A nondomesticated dog can give none of that. Saying that dogs are smarter or more loving then goats is also false. Researchers in 2016 found that goats can have emotional connections to humans just as well as dogs can. So I guess what I'm saying is that unless you're an animal rights activist and/or a vegan, Don't be a hypocrite and say no.

  • Dogs are living beings

    Eating living beings, Is not correct just because a lot o people does it, Doesn't mean it's correct. Have you considered that the dogs are living beings? . Yes that doesn't explain why we eat a bunch of other animals, But I don't think it's correct, The other animals that we eat have benefits for our health, You might want to consider how many dangers we were going to been struggling because of it and I think it's just simply disgusting to even consider dog food as a tape of meat

    Posted by: GICM
  • Dude it’s a dog

    I am not one of those dog lover people (in fact I don’t like cats or dogs. ) But dogs are pretty much bred now to be a domestic pet and not food. Plus even if it wasn’t weird they probably wouldn’t taste very good. Cows are bred to be eaten, Not dogs.

  • It is unacceptable.

    In many countries, The main source of Dog meat comes from criminals (Dog thieves), Which basically means that every 19 out of 20 plates of Dog meat are the results of multiple illegal actions including stealing dogs when the owners are not around and poisoning the dogs if they are too difficult to reach.
    What I'm trying to say it: to have a plate of Dog meat, A child's best friend, A police dog that has been in service for years or even the eyes of the disables, Has to die. Not to mention, Because most of the thieves simply don't give a flying F about anything, Every dish of Dog meat can potentially still contain some poisons in it. Let that sink in.

  • It’s not ok.

    No, I don’t think even if I was starving, I would eat a dog. They are so smart, One of the smartest animals on the planet, And I wouldn’t imagine having to eat one. I think it’s cruel. I understand people’s culture and all that, But I don’t think it’s ok.

  • What a thought

    Not being a meat eater have been in the past till I saw all the cruelty and treatment of animals as I feel they are entitled to their lives also everything dies here including “human animals “ I myself would rather eat berries or noodles soups and vegetables than dog meat I think an alternative to feeding the homeless would be better after all they are humans and so are the starving children of third world countries to just serve them dog meat what else is Available recycled trash food from a dumpster after all they’re subhuman species / if raised or hunted legally deer who live in freedom and eat healthy off the planet would be a better choice but of course that’s only for those who can afford it

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