"Everyone should give as much money they can afford to the poor" discuss the statement.

  • The people should give

    The people should give to the poor, Because it is right to give as it says in the bible. However giving off to the poor only makes the situation worse for themselves because if one earns money they don't deserve they'll grow use to the fact working hard for their money is just a waste of time for they just can just get it off other people's hard work. They'll use as an advantage of slacking off and eating off peoples plates. The poor should also at the same time be helped through their struggles, For they might be lacking some help to build off their starting point or not given the opportunity even having people shut them out the economy for their background

  • I think it means be as charitable as possible

    Since I'm not a pastor I'm not really the best one to discuss this statement, However you shouldn't just unconditionally give poor people a bunch of money no questions asked because maybe them being poor isn't exactly a money problem, Maybe it's a drug addiction problem, Maybe it's a spending problem, Maybe they need a job. You can't just throw a bunch of money at a money problem.

    Plus if it was true that money could just fix everyone's problems, Why do people who win the lottery involving even billions of dollars go broke?

  • "the poor" is subjective.

    It would be more appropriate to say that people should be generous with their wealth. Saying "give as much as they can" also has different meanings depending on whom you ask. As does the term "the poor". Are we talking about western country poor or 3rd world poor? Its not always clear that dollars are more valuable charitably than time.

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sangheili says2021-03-30T00:01:37.683
Give A Man A Fish Feed Him For A Day
Let the thief no longer steal, But rather let him labor, Doing honest work with his own hands, So that he may have something to share with anyone in need.

Honestly instead of giving everything, We should give them some but also help them back into society with a mini house and help people find jobs
VeronWoon says2021-04-26T05:13:41.857
I got an idea, Start UBI and provide extensive job training.

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