• Well to be honest I'm only slightly leaning to this side...

    I do in fact think that Jesus was a great person for the time period and the place he lived in. Even if he did lead a cult (I'm not sure if he was crazy, or just strongly manipulative, or both/something else).

    But, he did do a lot of good things despite all the awful things that we know now are wrong. He helped the poor, the sick, and the lonely in a way. Making people feel special.

    While I don't think Jesus should be take extremely serious, as let's say a "god". I do think it's fun to look at things from a philosophical point of view. Rather than a religious one.

    (Hope my thoughts came through easily. If you have any questions feel free to ask).

  • Absolutely. He lived a completely different life

    It's important to understand that what is said about Jesus is not necessarily what Jesus thought or believed.

    It's true that he might have entertained the idea of using violence, or that he condemned those who were in power and exploiting people; but one thing stands out with Jesus. Actions speak louder than words. Ultimately, Jesus lived his life knowing that he was going to die; but not only die, that he would be tortured and then executed by being nailed to a cross; he consciously and willingly made that choice. Human beings are programmed to be self-interested and concerned about our own self-preservation - this is human nature. Jesus wasn't concerned with either. That he lived his life in an irrational manner indicates that he transcended the boundaries of humanity, which is something that few people (if any) throughout history have ever done. Jesus was more humiliated at the time than he was vindicated by God - that came later with Paul.

    The spread of Christianity as a religion really had nothing to do with Jesus but more with Paul the Apostle. He was the one who developed the idea of the 'Cosmic Christ' - that he was a Spirit 'up there', although this was not in line with Jewish beliefs at the time.

  • He may have done extraordinarily good things that is non debatable but people are not good by any means of the word.

    Also Weather or not he was truly good is a matter of opinion. For instance to Jesus's followers he was a godly saint. But to the Romans he was a fanatic who provoked revolution resulting in thousands dead. Also though he may not have done it himself his legacy led to the repression of science, mathematics, and culture called the dark ages

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