(For The Anime Fans) If Sword Art Online was real, and the parameters set forth in the anime are still there, would you play?

Asked by: Bloodmancer
  • Why not play?

    As we watch more and more of media, we often become aware of our lives in comparison to others. In these mythical worlds, like AinCrad, we have the abilities to live how we like without the limitations of the real world. It is often noticed that people change significantly when online, where there are less limitations. They show off their true colors and get to be who they truly are. The fact that we die in real life if we die in SAO does not even affect me. If we could never leave, SAO might as well be considered real life.

  • Hell to the yes!

    Okay, to be honest, I only know of this series because my one friend talks about it a lot, and I've only ever seen the first episode and read the script for X.5 episode. That being said, the idea of being stuck inside an RPG universe fighting things sounds pretty awesome, and you get the bonus of unlimited consequenceless sex (the X.5 script I read was a sex scene between the main character and the daughter of some very high ranking person).

  • Hell yea! Yes please

    I would play for sure. The fact of finding love by being selfless and sacrificing . The fact of making friends on your journey. The fact you get to defeat bad ass mobs with a sword and friends. It sounds epic. The thing that really would make me go is the first fact I stated. Love, it would true true love as you would love everything about them in game as also they look the same as real life. You would fall in love with who they are.

  • I feel bad, but yes.

    I'm married, have two sons. There young still, but I would love it if we could all go into a world like this. I think it beats all other ways of life, except for maybe the top %2. The only and I mean only clause that would make me hesitate, is that the RL body is deteriorating and will ultimately die. The clincher for the no side, is that we cannot reproduce, no grand kids. We see that the protagonists are given a "child" of sorts, and they want nothing more then to live as a family. Have a peaceful life. But no other chars get this or would have. Ultimately it's a selfish way for the individual to get the most out of the third of their life. It's very YOLO. And thus lacks depth.

  • Its just that better than the real world.

    Who wants to live in some world where we do nothing but work and try to survive by doing that when we can have fun doing it later on. I just really hope that this happens soon, I can't wait and I also just want to have more fun in my life

  • 100 percent yes

    I'm sorry but it just seems ridiculous to me that so many people said NO.
    When you die that's it,just like in irl so the Conditions are not that bad you can die each minute from a car accident or a terrible disease.
    I rather die There then in our UNPERFECT WORLD.
    And like many said before me our entire world needs to open up his eyes and finally get a clue.
    I am not criticizing (because i dont need to the majority of the vote agrees with me).
    Humanity is finally going into a era of which we understande this tihng we call "reality" is soon to be called fictional and stupid or lacking exactly what other worlds already UNDERSTOOD.

  • Oh most definitely

    I wouldn't hesitate for a second. I never got why anyone freaked out because they were stuck. I mean it's no different than irl where you die, you die period. I would rather go out fighting than another mindless drone of earth. I can't think of a better way to live than in a game where everyday you get to fight creatures of your nightmares

    Posted by: Ryus
  • Would love it,

    Even if I was stuck in it, and could die in real life.. I would still want to do it. In life there are many dangers, and we can all have a chance to die at any moment... So especially for someone like me, who has spinal issues, and suffers from pain, so I can't do as much as I want in the real world... But in a virtual world I would be whole, and able to do what I wanted. Also being able to be able to live in a fantasy where you could have a pet dragon or something like that is amazing all on its own...

  • People's true colours

    I'd do it simply to see if I could handle the stress, and what the game would make me into. It also helps that I love RPGs and VR has always interested me. I'd also use it as a way to fulfil my personal agendas is I knew some people IRL. Heh-heh-heh

  • Definitely, indubitably, yes.

    It's just like real life, only more exciting and more fulfilling in my opinion. Some of you are saying no because you're afraid to die, but what's the point of living if you're not getting all you can out of it. I'd rather live 2 years in my perfect fantasy world than another day here where we have so many rules and have so many things society looks down on just because it can.

  • AinCrad no Alfheim yes

    Being one that has seen the series. Sure fight for your life sounds amazing but once you die then what? It's over hmm? Everyone saying yes must be prepared that if they were to screw up no matter how high of a level they've gotten to die and not experience the world ever again. I'd prefer Alfheim because of the less battle for your life parameters. You are free to toggle between reality and the game world free of fearing for your life every turn knowing that if you make enemies with the wrong group of people not only the monsters will be after your life.

  • Hell no I wouldnt play it

    Call me crazy, but I wouldnt want to play a game that literally traps you inside it where if you get killed in the game you get killed in real life... Thats just taking one lifetime and splitting it into two and cutting both of them tragically short, which is something I would never opt for

  • Bad Idea all

    Simple:of course everyone would want to play... I would. But if virtual reality games grow and everyone starts playing them. The real world around us would fall and people would like meeting in the games more and more.People would be distant in life and just play the game. The world would not be the same!

  • Please no perma-death

    I'd be all over this if there was a sort of challenge mode where you join a specific server and if you die in this server you are no longer part of the competition/challenge

    or at the very least if you die, you get a cooldown before you can play the game again.

    It's all about the fact that apparently if you die ingame you die IRL. Those are too high stakes for a VIDEOGAME. Money and more chances for me to die irl to play the game? I don't think so. Even if I get completely immersed.

  • Alfheim yes, AinCrad, NO!

    I can't believe most people are saying "yes". You want to die in real life from playing a video game? I'd play Alfheim since you can die in the game without dying in real life, but I wouldn't play AinCrad if I knew about it. Of course in the anime nobody knows until the game master makes his announcement, so I might have wound up stuck in the game anyways. But chances are I would have been too busy to play the game when it first opened.

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