"Harlem Nights": did Calhoun want to drive Ray and Quick out for racial reasons (yes) or was there more to it than just race (no)?

Asked by: Adam2isback
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  • Probably not much about race

    Now, Calhoun and his trusted pal, Cantone, were vicious racists who did partake in segregation, however, he didn't necessarily want to drive them out of business. What they wanted to do, instead, was reduce Quick and Ray to virtual spitshine boys. It wasn't exactly like segregation, which was forced lynched and explusion, but rather more like slavery and indetured servitude.

    Calhoun didn't even treat Italians correctly. He would be the typical Judeo-Presbyterian (since Calhoun was Scottish) thief?

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Adam2isback says2014-10-30T01:16:27.683
They were racists. And used the word "jig" to describe blacks constantly.