"How I Met Your Mother" Series Finale: Did you expect the twist ending?

  • I had a feeling

    Ever since the first episode I thought, I bet it's going to be Robin. I feel like it was sad that the Mother died though because she seemed perfect for Ted. I think they should have had Barney and Robin stay together and Ted and the Mother stay together. But I liked how they ended it.

  • Yes, yes i did

    I knew from since I started watching that Ted and Robin were going to end up with each other. It was from that on episode in season 9 that the mother's death was hinted. I then saw if coming much clearer. I thought that the finale was lacking in Marshall and Lily, but probably because they told all of their stories before the finale.

  • I Was Suspect

    I did somewhat expect the twist, but I wasn't aware of who the mother was. I think it was fitting given that people often end up in the same way they did. It was sad that she was killed off at the same time, making it more of a dramatic show.

  • The twist ending wasn't so much a twist - some couples are always "end game"

    Ted and Robin, in my opinion, were very much the Ross and Rachel of How I Met Your Mother. That no matter how on again-off again they'd be, they were always going to end up back together in the end. It would be more disappointing for long-term fans of the show if they didn't.

  • No, the twist in the ending of "How I Met Your Mother" caught me totally by surprise.

    No, the twist in the ending of "How I Met Your Mother" caught me totally by surprise. It was well executed and planned, as demonstrated by the fact that some the scenes in the final episode were filmed eight years prior to the final season. The progression of the show and its time line were well planned and developed by the show's producters and writers.

  • Dreadful twist ruins How I Met Your Mother

    The last thing that the fans of How I Met Your Mother expected was this ghastly sickly sweet ending. Nobody expected the twist, but not in a good way. Fans have been left very unhappy and some feel that the entire series has been ruined by the unexpected plot twist. Ironically, this is one of the few times that a plot twist has gone horribly wrong!

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