In 1976, pot-head pranksters made ‘Hollyweed’ out of the iconic Hollywood sign. Is this just harmless fun?

  • Goes to show this has been going on for a while

    The Hollywood sign has been the target of minor vandalism countless times over the years, and no lasting damage has occurred. The sign is iconic and every time somebody messes with it, it gives the rest of the country a little laugh. I hope that the city doesn't overreact and put up barriers or something like that.

  • It didn't hurt anyone.

    There are many pictures on the Internet of people laughing at the altered sign. These people were happy that they got to see something that you don't see every day. Society should get back to worrying about the murderers and the child abusers before law enforcement spends time on such a silly little prank.

  • Yes, 'Hollyweed' pranksters were just having harmless fun.

    When pot-head pranksters made 'Hollyweed' out of the iconic Hollywood sign in 1976, they were clearly just having harmless fun. THe public perception on marajuana is finally changing, and people are finally beginning to understand just how benign it is. Therefore, people will likely come to view such pranks as the harmless acts they are.

  • Yes, "Hollyweed" is harmless fun

    Yes, I believe the 1976 pranksters that converted the "Hollywood" sign to "Hollyweed" is harmless fun. There is no serious damage done and the sign is easily fixable. The new message is not violent or hurtful, and I don't believe that it can be the cause of any harmful influence.

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