Is 'Beasts of the Southern Wild' one of the best films of the year?

  • Yes It Is

    Beasts of the Southern Wild is a wildly imaginative and different film. It examines the end of a society through the eyes of a child and all that entails. It is tender and raw and rough and brimming with life. The performances are spectacular, especially by the star of the movie.

  • Groundbreaking Film

    Beasts of the Southern Wild reminds me of I Am Legend meets 2012 meets The Nook of Eli. It looks action packed, full of emotion, and it is shot in a realistic way. Its made by Hollywood, and has all the effects and quality that Hollywood has to offer, but Its more realistic than most most movies;Realistic enough for audiences all across the nation of all races, social classes, and ages to connect with the characters.

  • A resounding "yes"!

    Beasts of the Southern Wild is not only one of the best films of the year, but perhaps one of the best films in the past several years. The acting is magnificent, the message is timeless, and the rest of the filmmaking evokes such a world as one can only imagine when one is very young. It is a truly special, unique film.

  • Yes It Should

    Beasts of the Southern Wild should definitely win best film of the year. It was the best movie I saw last year and was much better than anything else. This movie was amazing. Everyone I know loved this film and I have yet to hear someone say anything bad about it.

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