"Is it appropriate to use the greeting ""Happy Holidays"" rather than ""Merry Christmas?"""

  • Yes, it is appropriate to use the gretting Happy Holidays.

    Yes, it is appropriate to use the greeting Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, as a greeting, refers to only one holiday. Happy Holidays is used to encompass all holidays during the Holiday season, including the Christian holidays, Three Kings Day and Christmas, the Jewish holiday Hanukkah, and the secular holiday, New Years. In fact, it is not only perfectly acceptable use both greetings interchangeably, they can also be used in conjunction with one another to wish someone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  • Yes, it is appropriate to use the greeting happy holidays rather than merry Christmas.

    The primary holiday season in the United States, and many other countries, runs from November into January and includes a number of celebrations. Consequently, practical reasons exist to extend the greeting of :happy holidays during this time period rather than merry Christmas. In addition, by using the happy holidays greetings, a person is able to avoid the possibility of using an inappropriate greeting to a person who may not celebrate a specific holiday.

  • Happy Holidays is an appropriate at large greeting.

    Happy Holidays is an appropriate at large greeting because not everyone celebrates Christmas. Kwanzaa, Chanukah and the Winter Soltice are just a few of the other holidays celebrated around the same time as Christmas. Furthermore, some people celebrate nothing at all during the holiday season. It is, therefore, more inclusive to greet people, particularly those you do not know, with Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas.

  • Society is turning away from God.

    Society needs God. Without God we wouldn't be here, nor would we be capable even of living or breathing. Why then, does our society absolve itself of all responsibility towards its Creator?

    In our sinful state we are in desperate need of God who offers Salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. Of course, not everyone is chosen to eternal life, but society is foolish for rejecting the God on whom we ALL depend.

    What makes a Christian different from a non-Christian is that he/she acknowledges the work of God in every aspect of his/her life. Society needs to forget about trying to please all people, and avoiding all reference to the truth lest it might offend someone. It's God we are offending by turning away from Him! Wouldn't you much rather offend people than the God who created everyone and everything?

    Before people start verbally abusing me for my faith, remember the definition of faith: "a sure knowledge whereby I accept all that God has revealed in His Word." Because faith is a 'sure knowledge', it is much more than just a belief - it is the truth. I accept that most people will disagree with me, but that does not mean that it is not the truth. It just means that many people reject the truth. When you really think about that, doesn't that sound foolish?

  • No, it is a thinly-veiled attempt to ignore the reason for Christmas.

    While Happy Holidays is not offensive in and of itself, the impetus behind its creation and promotion is a negative reaction to Christian tradition. Christmas exists to celebrate the birth of Christ, as much as secular society would like that not to be true. Saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas is a feeble attempt to change the reason for the celebration.

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