• Everything about it

    1. Blood transfusions - JW's interpration of scripture on not consuming/eating the blood of animals as forbidding the vital practice of blood transfusions kills babies and children all around the world. JWs treat useless prayer as medicine and refuse necessary treatment for themselves and their children because of this dogma.
    2. 'Disfellowship' and shunning - if a JW leaves the organisation, All other JWs who know them must 'shun' them, Keeping them at a distance and cutting off communication. As well as being the single key hallmark of a cult, This practice destroys relationships and removes parents from their children and people from their friends and loved ones for the rest of the only life they have by teaching that love should be conditional. This is central to JW belief and is the trigger for many people's homelessness, Addiction, Abuse and suicide.
    3. The Watchtower - this supposed 'religion' is overseen by an organisation called 'The Watchtower', Which publishes its own magazine and is happy to rake in donations.
    4. New World Translation - their own version of the Bible, Heavily interpreted and rephrased from accepted Canon.
    5. Denial of evolution - JWs deny the fact of evolution in the 21st century, Threatening to obstruct and reverse scientific progress.
    6. 144, 000 people - the specific number of people who will go to heaven according to JWs. If this were to include just the current population (about 7. 5 billion), That's less than one in every 50, 000 - nevermind the fact that there have been roughly 100 billion people to have ever lived and died. Such insanity makes people think that they are special or chosen, And others are unmitigatedly wrong in their ways because of their faith or lack thereof.
    7. No fun - JWs do not do gifts, Or Christmas, Or birthdays for their kids. JW children are rarely happy because their parents care more about their own social standing in a religious network than being good parents.

    JWs are taught to not think, Only to indoctrinate and live in indoctrination and submission to a twisted version of an already twisted dogma. All JWs should convert to a mainstream faith, Spirituality or atheism, And apologise to their children if they have any.

  • Dangerous? That's a stretch. But certainly a cult.

    I did a very large project in college regarding JW in my World Religions class. After extensive research into a religion I truly knew absolutely nothing about, I came to my own conclusion that JW exhibited very cult-like behaviors, Practices and beliefs; many you've listed.
    That being said, I think that stating that they are "dangerous" with your only back up to the argument being that it can trigger suicide, Homelessness, Addiction, And abuse is quite a reach. That can be said about any religion. Look at how many in the gay community are shunned by their families for being who they are? Many go on to commit suicide, Become addicted, Etc.
    Further, I'd go on to say that ALL organized religion has cult-like qualities to it. Catholics only recently allowed divorces to return to the church. They also have what some would call "strange" practices. . . Drinking the "blood of Christ" or eating wafers designed to make the eater associate with eating the flesh or body of Christ.
    Webster's definition of a cult is "a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. " - Like I said. . . Any organized religion.

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