Kellyanne Conway: White House spokesman gave ‘alternative facts’ on inauguration crowd. Does this kind of news really matter?

  • Yes, this kind of news really matters.

    The size of the inauguration crowds doesn't matter. What matters is how the issue was handled. The news media said the crowds were low in comparison to those that came to past inaugurations. Donald Trump said he thought there were at least 1.5 million people in attendance and that the news media lied about the numbers. He then had his press secretary, Sean Spicer, issue a scathing rebuke to the media claiming Trump's inauguration numbers were the highest ever. When pressed on the issue, Kellyanne Conway claimed that Spicer was offering "alternative facts" to what the press had said. Both Spicer's and Conway's action elevated the discussion to a "war" between the White House and the press making this otherwise trivial issue a significant piece of news.

  • Yes telling the truth to the American public does matter

    "Alternative facts?" Who does President Donald Trump think he is, Hitler? Just because he says something does not make it a fact, real or the truth! The President's alternative facts are along the lines of FOX NEWS, anything but the truth. Mr. Trump is going to find out real fast that the truth does matter to the American people.

  • It's painting a narrative.

    People who were at the inauguration report that it was mostly full. The media plans to be relentless, apparently, in their attempts to paint Trump in a negative light. But it's unfair because it's not the real situation. The photos in the media were taken very early, long before the inauguration, while the photos of Obamas were during the ceremony.

  • No, this does not matter.

    The news surrounding President Trump's inauguration crowd size does not matter. The story should not even be news. There are far more important things to worry about then how many or how few people attended the inauguration. Instead, people should be focused on what Trump is actually doing as president.

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