"Knees Together" Judge could lose job: Should Justice Robin Camp loose his job after the comment he made regarding a rape victim?

  • The Judiciary must be blind

    In order for society to function properly, the populace must have faith in their institutions. Too many institutions that control our social fabric are losing the faith of the populace. Judge Camp's action in this one case are just one more reason for the general public to question whether justice is blind and whether they can trust the judicial system. For that reason Judge Camp should step down or be removed.

  • Yes, he should lose his job.

    A judge needs to be someone who is takes into consideration all sides of the story and take the best approach given the evidence provided. A judge should also try to be considerate of the welfare of both parties involved. This comment shows his consideration towards the rape victim. It shows how biased he is regarding the subject, and that isn't something that should be a characteristic of a judge.

  • It is degrading.

    Sadly, the world is still run by rich men. They stereotype and objectify women. They don't understand what it's like to be a woman. They take advantage of women, and then they claim that it is the woman's fault all along. In the end, this isn't any better than very strict, religious societies.

  • Justice Robin Camp should lose his job after inappropriate comments

    The point of the legal system is to prove guilt, not defend guilt. Justice Robin Camp did exactly that when he put someone who was potentially the victim of rape on trial. Whether or not the accuser was telling the truth, in this case, is irrelevant. The decision by the judge to shame the victim about her sexual history was not his right, nor the point of the case. He should be removed because a judge needs objectivity to do his job and it is impossible to be objective with such clear biases.

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