"Looking at the big picture, are social networking sites helpful to us?"

  • Yes, they give us greater social connections

    While social networking can definitely be abused, it is also helpful in keeping us connected to more people for a greater amount of time. Social networking allows family members and friends to effortlessly stay in touch with each other even across great distances. In this way, it gives us more meaningful relationships.

  • Social networking sites help people stay in touch.

    Despite their abuse by certain individuals, social networking sites add a lot of value in society. It helps individuals stay in contact with friends and colleagues from schools, old jobs and childhood. It is hard to trace down friends when they move frequently, but social media gives a venue that allows people to stay in contact with each other.

  • No, social networking sites are more harmful than helpful to us.

    No, social networking sites are not helpful to us. Studies have shown, daily users of social networking sites, such as Facebook, are less satisfied and less happy with their lives than nonusers.The prevailing belief is that these people tend to spend way too much time comparing their lives with the lives of those on their friends' list. Also, studies show, with the explosion in the number of social networking sites on the Internet, people, who are social animals by nature, are staying in more, because there's no need to physically visit with friends. This causes many individuals to have feelings of social isolation. Third, anecdotal evidence points toward nothing online being private, so when younger individuals, who are not equipped to think in terms of long-range consequences, put up compromising videos and photos of themselves, they may experience real problems later in life, when looking for jobs or suitable mates.

  • No, social websites make people feel more lonely

    On most social networking sites, people are with their friends, featured in the best moments of their lives. When you are sitting at home on the couch, you see these pictures and feel like you are being left out. In reality, that was just a snapshot of another person's life and they are sitting at home on their couch as well. Plus, some people compare the amount of friends they have online and feel unpopular by comparison.

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